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Home automation for elderly and disabled people

The role of home automation is to automate and centralize the functions of domestic systems to make your home easier, safer and more comfortable.

These principles improve the quality of life of residents and especially in the cases of the most fragile people: home automation is in fact an excellent solution for elderly, disabled and sick peole, allowing them to have complete control over the entire home in the palm of the hand, minimizing the need for movement.

A home automation system can in fact interface with mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and PCs, where the control panel is displayed. Through this centralized approach, elderly, disabled or sick people can monitor all the systems connected to home automation and control them with a touch.

It is possible to raise or lower the shutters equipped with motorized control without having to get out of bed, turn the light on or off in another room, adjust the temperature, activate smart appliances, control the surveillance system and receive the video intercom feed.

The home automation system can also be programmed with different automations, which protect the most fragile people: for example, you can set the heating or air conditioning system to switch on when the temperature drops or rises above a certain threshold, or switch off smart appliances and lights left on for too long.

Home automation systems can also be set in sequences, called scenarios, which allow you to perform all the programmed actions with a single touch. This feature offers elderly, disabled and sick people the possibility of setting scenarios in relation to their routines and their needs, making their daily life more comfortable.

The design of a home automation home for the elderly, disabled and sick people must be carefully studied, evaluating which are the most useful systems and how to make them communicate with each other.

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