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Home automation: new buildings’ dominant trend

The installation of smart systems and their integration in a home automation system, enhance the living comfort, domestic security and energetic efficiency.

This kind of installations can be made on existing buildings, allowing to bridge the technological gap that has formed between the original design (which in Italy can also date back to the 70s / 80s!) And today’s innovations.

This type of interventions are generally included in a broader restructuring plan, as they require substantial changes to the existing systems: the initial invasiveness pays off in the years to come with all the advantages that can be enjoyed thanks to home automation.

However, it is not only a question of remedying the shortcomings of the past, but also of building a more comfortable, sustainable, efficient and secure future.

Given the advantages and increasing technological accessibility, current building trends increasingly integrate home automation in the construction of new buildings, thus offering the customer a modern home right from the start.

This approach is certainly convenient and efficient, because it allows you to design the systems according to its home automation integration and consequently optimize the planimetry of the house.

In a competitive market homes with home automation systems offer an interesting plus value to distinguish their offer and attract customers.

Furthermore, home automation systems are a long-term investment, since updating the software allows you to keep all systems at top performance and make them evolve over the years, always satisfying the needs of residents.

It is also important to observe the evolution of the values ​​associated with the home: the growing attention to the environment has made citizens much more attentive to energy consumption, leading them to prefer solutions with low or zero emissions.

Also from this point of view, home automation offers an important advantage for new buildings, since the monitoring of systems and consumption, as well as the integration of ecological systems such as solar systems, make the home more energy efficient with positive effects on the environment and on the wallet.

The living comfort that comes from home automation is not only tempting to improve one’s quality of life, but also offers an important support to elderly or disabled people, automating numerous aspects of their daily life and reducing efforts and risks.

With nearly 60 years of experience in home automation, today is an expert voice in home automation that offers a complete service, from consulting and design to installation.

We turn to the construction sector to encourage new smart constructions, which integrate right from the ground up the systems suitable to meet every need for living comfort, eco-sustainability and energy efficiency: contact us now for more information.