come funzionano i cancelli automatici


How do automatic gates work?

Automation combines the needs of comfort with those of safety, proposing different solutions suitable for both domestic contexts and for industrial and commercial uses, such as automatic gates.

Automatic gates allow you to control who accesses a property and at the same time increase the comfort of those who use them, preventing them from having to get out of their vehicle or make physical efforts to open the doors.

Automatic gates work thanks to a control unit that receives the signal sent by the remote control; the control unit controls the motor and activates it to move the leaf with a mechanical arm equipped with a piston.

In addition, automatic gates use sensors, called photocells, which signal the control unit if there are obstacles for the correct closing of the door, such as for example a person who is trying to enter.

In these cases, the photocells send a signal to the control unit that interrupts the movement of the automatic gate, thus preventing damage and injuries.

The automatic gates can have hinged or sliding doors.

Automatic hinged gates use one or two doors mounted on a fulcrum, similar to the door of a home: it is therefore necessary that there is sufficient space to allow their complete opening.

The automatic sliding gates, on the other hand, use one or two doors mounted on a track so that they can move parallel to the perimeter partition (wall, gate, hedge, …);  it is a more practical solution since it requires less space for its installation.

The motor that allows the movement of the doors can be underground, so that it is more protected from any damage, or external, and use electromechanical systems (the most common ones in the residential sector) or hydraulic systems (for large industrial applications).

In the event that there is no current to power the automatic gate, a particular mechanism allows you to unlock the motor and thus move the door manually;  some models integrate an emergency battery that allows you to power the gate while waiting for the power to be restored, eliminating the inconvenience of the situation.

Technological innovation has made it possible to create increasingly efficient automatic gates to further increase the convenience of this type of system.

An automatic gate can be connected to a domotics system to control its opening from the central panel of the home or from your mobile device, in order to activate it for guests in total comfort.

This type of control is also useful outside home, since the gate can be opened with your mobile phone instead of with a remote control, making this already simple gesture even more immediate. has 30 years of experience in the installation of automatic gates that allows us to offer tailored, long-lasting and highly performing solutions for each customer and application context.

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