cosa vuol dire casa domotica


What does it mean to live in a home with a domotics system?

Domotics makes technology at the service of home comfort and home security by applying principles of efficiency, automation and centralization.

In practice, to make a home automation system, cutting-edge systems are installed which can be programmed and controlled remotely, and which are capable of communicating with each other, so that they can be synchronized and activated from a single panel or device.

So imagine yourself being sunk in an armchair on a winter’s day, with the evening just around the corner: with a touch on your smartphone, the lights turn on and the temperature rises, and in the meantime you put the music to cheer up the evening and start the washing machine.

Suddenly the video door phone rings, but there is no need to get up: you can always see who it is from your smartphone, talk to us and open the external door if you are a desired guest.

Comfortable, isn’t it? But a home with domotics system also serves to enhance home security, by connecting video surveillance and anti-intrusion systems: the video feed of the former and any alarms of the latter are sent to the mobile device of the landlord, who can monitor his home even when he is away.

Comfort and safety, but also environmental protection.

If properly designed, a home with domotics is ecological, because the control of the systems allows to reduce waste, reducing the domestic energy requirement with benefits for both the wallet and the environment, reducing the CO2 emissions related to the production and distribution of the power.

Home automation also allows the implementation of residential photovoltaic systems, whose performance can be easily controlled and the methods of use of the generated electricity can be set, so as to contribute to the spread of renewable energy and further decrease the costs in the bill.

The concept of domoticsis therefore rich in nuances and articulated on various levels of complexity, and adapts to very different needs with customized solutions.

How does domotics work? The underlying technology is that of BUS, electronic systems that allow communication between compatible systems and therefore their centralized control through panels, smartphones or even voice assistants.

It is also possible to program ‘scenarios’, a series of actions that can be activated with the press of a simple button, to carry out routine activities more quickly and comfortably: for example, a scenario for leaving the house may involve activating the anti-intrusion systems, turning off the lights, reducing heating or air conditioning, and lowering the shutters.

A home can be ‘born’ automated or ‘become’ automated.

In recent years, the construction of new buildings can already integrate intelligent systems and the technology to connect them into the project. At the same time, it is possible to intervene on a house to make it automated, being able to enjoy all the comforts even in an old building.

In both cases it is important to rely on professionals capable of providing the most high-tech technology and designing customized solutions for every lifestyle: with almost 60 years of experience in home automation, is now an expert voice in domotics.

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