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Home automation is eco-friendly, protects the environment and reduces your bills

Nowadays, many Italian buildings are several decades old and were built using techniques and paradigms of the time, which are now out of date.
There is certainly a difference in comfort: recently built or renovated homes undoubtedly offer many comforts resulting from today’s technology, which improve the livability of the environment and allow you to maintain full control over all the elements of your home.

However, the most crucial aspect that separates old buildings from more modern ones is their environmental impact.

Recently, the ecological question has become increasingly important, both from a scientific point of view and that of public opinion: governments of many countries, especially European ones, have set ambitious targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions for the next few years and growth in energy production from renewable sources.

Home automation offers interesting possibilities to increase living comfort and at the same time increase the sustainability of construction, acting on a sector that is responsible for 40% of European emissions.

The software for monitoring consumption and systems are important for energy efficiency, as they allow you to have a complete picture of your energy demand, identify excesses and waste, and activate or deactivate appliances and domestic systems in an intelligent way.

A home automation is therefore an efficient home, and this translates into lower consumption, lower CO2 emissions and lower bills.

Home automation system also allows you to integrate a residential photovoltaic system and its storage device, so as to monitor the self-production of electricity and optimize its use to meet your energy needs.
The combination of panels and battery allows the energy produced to be stored, but which exceeds the consumption needs at a given time, so that it can be consumed later, for example at night when the photovoltaic system is inactive.

In this way, the production of energy from renewable sources in the country is increased and the demand for electricity from the grid is reduced, lightening the production of power plants, the infrastructure load and its own expenses in the bill.

This economic advantage is amplified by various forms of tax incentives, which encourage citizens to modernize their homes, making it more efficient and liveable, such as “Ecobonus”, “Superbonus” and “Home Automation Bonus”.

Take advantage of the Home Automation Bonus and revolutionize your way of living by making your home easier, more comfortable and more efficient: contact us now.