quanto è sicuro antifurto perimetrale


A home with domotics is a safe home

Statistics indicate that in Italy there are an average of 520 home thefts every day: in this situation of uncertainty, technology rushes to defend our homes, providing different solutions to prevent break-ins, discourage thieves and prosecute the guilty.

A domotics system allows you to centralize the management and control of video surveillance and perimeter theft systems, as well as to receive notifications and feeds on your mobile device to be always informed about the security of your home even when you are away.

Outdoor video surveillance systems tend to be clearly visible or in any case signaled to carry out a deterrent action against break-ins, discouraging thieves even before they even try to enter the house.

Depending on the needs, panoramic cameras are available, which allow you to cover a large area even at 360 ° with a single device, bullet cameras, discreet and ready to use, cameras with containers, protected by a special case designed to withstand acts of vandalism, and dome cameras, which use a dome to protect the device and to hide the direction in which it is oriented.

Cameras can permanently frame the potential entry points or the entire perimeter, with careful planning of their position, movement and shooting area and create complete coverage.

In case thieves manage to enter, more discreet and hidden internal cameras (for example built-in) can detect movements or noises and catch them in the act without realizing they are being recorded, sending the video feed and possibly also audio to mobile and central devices operational, and allowing prompt intervention.

Images taken by the video surveillance system, activated on command, in response to sensors or 24/7, are sent to special devices for archiving and storing the recordings, to have concrete evidence and clues about the managers in case they were not stopped for time.

Anti-intrusion systems, on the other hand, employ instruments that detect unauthorized entrances and break-ins, and activate defensive strategies such as audible alarms, reports to operations centers and messages to preset telephone numbers.

For example, the perimeter alarm works with lasers, infrared or microwaves that create a virtual ‘fence’ that delimits the designated area and signals the control unit whenever it is crossed, which undertakes the programmed actions.

Compared to physical barriers, the protection offered by a perimeter alarm is invisible, therefore an intruder is unlikely to implement countermeasures to avoid or disable it. Modern devices also work even if cables are cut or a blackout is triggered, thus resisting sabotage attempts; any malfunction is however reported to the control unit, which can activate the alarm in advance.

With these considerations in mind, a perimeter alarm system offers a safe solution to protect your home from attempted theft.

A domotics system allows you to receive notifications from all the installed security systems and to set their operation with a few simple gestures: for example, you can only activate them when you leave your home or let the perimeter alarm ignore the movements of the pets, avoiding false alarms.

Domotics system also allows you to control other useful systems to keep your home safe, such as the video intercom, to identify who rings the door, and automatic shutters, to lower them every time you leave your home.

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