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Wired broadcasting systems: advantages for home and business

Wired broadcasting system allows you to transmit the same audio signal on multiple speaker devices, thus allowing you to ‘spread’ the same message or the same music in several places at the same time.

The term ‘wired broadcasting’ reveals the original form of this technology: to make the connection between the sound source and the speakers, the telephone twisted pairs that were already installed in buildings equipped with fixed telephony were used, exploiting their ability to transmit audio signals without having to pose  a new network of cables.

Technological advances, however, have made it possible to update this technology, eliminating the need to rely on cabling and allowing the use of Wi-Fi and bluetooth signals to more easily reach every corner of the building concerned.

However, this does not mean that this form of network is the most efficient: it is good to evaluate the most efficient solution between cable and wireless based on the characteristics of the building and the area to be covered.

Wired broadcasting is often used in the commercial field: we all entered a shop or a shopping center, and we were accompanied in our purchases by a background melody … How can we forget the catchyness of the Christmas music during the holidays?

Wired broadcasting is not only a pleasant auditory distraction, but is a marketing tool that puts the customer at ease by making him more inclined to buy and that allows you to build the identity of a brand.  Wired broadcasting system can also be used for communication and advertising, as often happens in supermarkets.

Wired broadcasting is also used in companies, to make communications to all listeners and to create a more relaxed working environment by transmitting the right music.

The spread of wireless technology has allowed wired broadcasting to enter our homes more frequently, synchronizing the transmission of audio tracks in multiple rooms and also in the garden or swimming pool, so as to always have your favorite music with you.

Numerous solutions are available for the home: the most modern systems use wireless speakers with attractive shapes, which add value to the furnishings, or smaller and more discreet solutions, even recessed, but which also guarantee excellent sound quality.

The activation of the system and the selection of the music to be transmitted is carried out through special apps, which can be easily installed and controlled on computers or mobile devices. Wired broadcasting can also be connected to other systems to create a domotics system, centralizing their control.

In this case, wired broadcasting can be integrated in specific scenarios, that is, in sequences of actions that can be performed with a single touch: for example, you can set a program dedicated to returning home after work, which opens the garage door, starts your favorite music, turn on the lights and raise the motorized shutters, to immediately immerse yourself in a relaxed atmosphere. installs wired broadcasting systems and many others, connecting them in domotics systems: find out how to improve the comfort of your home and your workplace.