Domotics Bonus: install a system with an IRPEF tax deduction of 65%

With the 2020 Budget Law, Domotics Bonus was confirmed for the year 2020, an IRPEF tax deduction of 65% on the costs incurred to install a home automation system.

This important facility aims to promote the implementation of technological systems that make buildings more efficient and comfortable, in order to reduce emissions and encourage innovation in the residential and business sector.

Until 31 December 2020, those who have incurred expenses for the purchase, installation of devices for remote control of heating, air conditioning and hot water production systems can report them in IRPEF declaration and obtain a tax deduction of 65%, divided into ten annual fees of equal value.

The concession also applies to other expenses directly related to the intervention, i.e. the installation of  other electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment in the home automation area, and to the electrical and masonry work necessary for the preparation of the system.

The beneficiaries of the 2020 bonus are:

  • private individuals with a real right on the property subject to intervention (owner, tenant on loan for use, family member or partner responsible for management costs); 
  • subjects with business income (physical persons, partnerships or capital companies); 
  • professional associations
  • public and private entities that do not carry out commercial activities.

To access Domotics Bonus 2020 it is necessary to:

  • make payments with a traceable instrument, such as the bank transfer posting the reason for the payment, the beneficiary’s tax code or VAT number and the tax code or VAT number of the contractor; 
  • send the documentation certifying the work to ENEA within 90 days of its completion; 
  • keep the certificate of enslavement and the receipts for sending the communication to ENEA and for payment for 10 years.

Domotics allows you to live better and consume less, thus obtaining savings on energy costs, and thanks to the Domotics Bonus 2020, the costs incurred to install the system and the return on investment are reduced.

Choosing, you will have at your disposal the decades of experience of consultants, designers and installers, who will create the solution that best suits your needs, assisting you in requesting the Domotics Bonus 2020. Contact us to find out more.

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