What are the advantages of photovoltaic systems?

Photovoltaics is an increasingly widespread (and precious) resource for our country: Italy, in fact, represents a virtuous case in Europe, being able of meeting 18% of its energy needs with clean energy and exceeding the environmental objectives imposed on by the EU.

In 2019, photovoltaic systems with a total power of 750 MW were installed in our country, of which a significant portion is attributed to small ones (272 MW, 36% of the total) that are used in the residential sector.

What are the reasons for this growth?

Surely, the technological evolution has made photovoltaic systems increasingly accessible and efficient, making them an increasingly interesting product for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Anyway, the self-production of energy from renewable sources is a responsible choice, not only from an ecological point of view, but also convenient.

The installation of a home photovoltaic system offers important advantages for the user:

Economic savings: the self-production of electricity allows to decrease the demand for energy from the network and therefore the costs in the bill;

Independence from market changes: the costs of energy distributed by traditional operators are subject to fluctuations created by the market and the international geopolitical scenario; by producing your own electricity you protect yourself from these variations and you can better control your fixed costs;

Return of installation costs: as a consequence of the two previous points, the costs incurred for the installation of a photovoltaic system are gradually offset by savings on energy costs; once you have fully returned from the investment, you can enjoy a pure gain generated by energy self-production;

Energy exchange: part of the economic gain is generated thanks to the Energy exchange mechanism, in which the user ‘sells’ his energy surplus (the energy that exceeds his consumption) to the network, receiving a refund on the bill;

Increase in the value of the property: the installation of a photovoltaic system increases the value of the property;

Incentives: since it contributes to the protection of the environment and the achievement of the state objectives of reducing emissions, there are numerous forms of incentives and deductions that citizens can enjoy to install a photovoltaic system; in this way the costs incurred initially are reduced and the return on investment is accelerated.

A photovoltaic system can be integrated with the domotics software, in order to keep production and consumption under control, optimize system performance and, with the aid of radio-controlled sockets, activate, even remotely, smart appliances to consume directly your energy surplus.

E.co.system believes in the effectiveness of renewable sources, energy autonomy and eco-sustainability, promoting the installation of photovoltaic systems perfectly integrated into the domotics system of your home.

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Improve energy efficiency with domotics

In Europe, the residential sector is responsible for about 40% of the continent’s annual energy consumption: while on the one hand our current standard of living imposes a certain amount of energy that is difficult to reduce, every year a significant portion of electricity and gas is wasted.

Many buildings fail in energy efficiency, that is, they use more energy than is necessary to obtain the desired result: for example, a construction with a poor level of thermal insulation needs to keep the heaters higher or turned on longer to reach the right temperature, because part of the heat is transferred outside.

Another significant part of the energy waste is due to the carelessness of the residents, such as leaving the light on when leaving the house, falling asleep in front of the TV or keeping the heating or air conditioning active in a room that is currently empty.

The energy efficiency of home is a path that involves various types of interventions and the acquisition of greater awareness of its consumption, but it gives excellent results.

 In fact, consuming less means:

 • reduce CO2 emissions by making a contribution to environmental protection;

 • decrease the costs related to the bill, managing to save up to 25% on energy expenditure.

The installation of modern systems and their coordination with a domotics system has a significant impact on the energy efficiency of the home.

In particular, Easydom Next Home Elite offers useful functions to check the status of your home at any time, monitor consumption, and activate or deactivate systems and appliances in an intelligent way. Awareness of actual consumption, as already mentioned, is very important, therefore the Easydom domotics system reports in real time all the information relating to the use of energy and uses it to make an estimate of costs and CO2 emissions.

Thanks to these data, it is possible to easily identify the higher energy loads, evaluate how to intervene to reduce them and consequently optimize domestic consumption.

Easydom Next Home Elite also allows remote lighting control, so that you can immediately notice if you forgot to turn on a light and turn it off immediately, even when you are away from home: the use of scenarios, i.e. series of actions activated chain with a simple touch, already allows to minimize the risk of forgetting, by scheduling the shutdown of all systems when you leave the house.

 Similarly, it is possible to control the temperature and thermostats, and interact with controlled electrical sockets: in this way, smart appliances can be activated, even remotely, to make them work in the most convenient time slots.

Finally, a domotics system can interact with the home photovoltaic system, so as to optimize the use of self-produced energy and further reduce the costs in the bill.

The costs of installing a domotics system are balanced by the savings month by month and year by year;  in addition, by taking advantage of the Domotics Bonus, you can amortize the initial investment immediately and return more quickly to the initial expenditure.

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Wired broadcasting systems: advantages for home and business

Wired broadcasting system allows you to transmit the same audio signal on multiple speaker devices, thus allowing you to ‘spread’ the same message or the same music in several places at the same time.

The term ‘wired broadcasting’ reveals the original form of this technology: to make the connection between the sound source and the speakers, the telephone twisted pairs that were already installed in buildings equipped with fixed telephony were used, exploiting their ability to transmit audio signals without having to pose  a new network of cables.

Technological advances, however, have made it possible to update this technology, eliminating the need to rely on cabling and allowing the use of Wi-Fi and bluetooth signals to more easily reach every corner of the building concerned.

However, this does not mean that this form of network is the most efficient: it is good to evaluate the most efficient solution between cable and wireless based on the characteristics of the building and the area to be covered.

Wired broadcasting is often used in the commercial field: we all entered a shop or a shopping center, and we were accompanied in our purchases by a background melody … How can we forget the catchyness of the Christmas music during the holidays?

Wired broadcasting is not only a pleasant auditory distraction, but is a marketing tool that puts the customer at ease by making him more inclined to buy and that allows you to build the identity of a brand.  Wired broadcasting system can also be used for communication and advertising, as often happens in supermarkets.

Wired broadcasting is also used in companies, to make communications to all listeners and to create a more relaxed working environment by transmitting the right music.

The spread of wireless technology has allowed wired broadcasting to enter our homes more frequently, synchronizing the transmission of audio tracks in multiple rooms and also in the garden or swimming pool, so as to always have your favorite music with you.

Numerous solutions are available for the home: the most modern systems use wireless speakers with attractive shapes, which add value to the furnishings, or smaller and more discreet solutions, even recessed, but which also guarantee excellent sound quality.

The activation of the system and the selection of the music to be transmitted is carried out through special apps, which can be easily installed and controlled on computers or mobile devices. Wired broadcasting can also be connected to other systems to create a domotics system, centralizing their control.

In this case, wired broadcasting can be integrated in specific scenarios, that is, in sequences of actions that can be performed with a single touch: for example, you can set a program dedicated to returning home after work, which opens the garage door, starts your favorite music, turn on the lights and raise the motorized shutters, to immediately immerse yourself in a relaxed atmosphere.

E.co.system installs wired broadcasting systems and many others, connecting them in domotics systems: find out how to improve the comfort of your home and your workplace.